Spring Time Checklist
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It’s getting warmer outside, spring is coming.  

When the weather begins to change it’s time to start thinking about the things in your home that may need to be fixed, added or replaced as we approach the amazing summer months.  We have listed a few items below we suggest thinking about and getting ahead of these.

Decks – do you have a wood deck?  If you have a wood deck that’s either painted or stained you want to keep up with this to get the most out of the wood.  If you have painted your deck, make sure you touch up paint and clean it up each year.  If you let it go and do not touch up paint and clean up the deck the wood will be open to the elements which over time will cause it to rot, even if it’s pressure treated which it’s most likely.  If you have a stained deck, you want to re stain your deck every 3-5 years to keep it protected from the elements.  We suggest doing a light power washing (cheap to buy a small electric powerwasher) and then fresh coat of stain on all deck boards and railings.  Railings are typically the first to go on your deck.

Storm Doors – it feels so good to leave your front door open during the spring and have the fresh air and light coming into your home.  If you do not have a storm door, it’s amazing to have.  They’re affordable to add and also protect your doors which are much more expensive to replace.

Fans – if you’re a fan person, not everyone is it’s time to replace or think about adding if you do not have in bedrooms especially.  When adding to a bedroom where there is an existing switch that controls an outlet it’s more affordable than you think to add a ceiling fan to these rooms.

Exterior Lights – changing your lights out to new LED lights especially spot lights that are higher is such a great investment.  It’s nice to have spot lights but annoying to change bulbs.  Changing bulbs to LED is not a long term replacement, as the fixtures are not LED compliant so the bulbs will not last as long.  The best option is to upgrade the fixtures to LED built in fixtures that will last over 20 years.

Door/Garage Door and Window Trim – this trim while it’s nice when it looks nice is also incredibly important especially in the north east for protecting the more expensive items they’re on like doors, windows and garage doors.  In the last few years composite trim has become incredibly affordable and a great alternative especially in the northeast where snow builds up in the winter and rots wood trim away.  Now is the time to replace all this trim.  We call it brickmold is the technical term for most of this trim.

There are many other items to think about in the spring but these are the biggest we see our customers thinking about and reaching out about.

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