How long for an estimate?

You need an estimate?

It amazes me sometimes when I hear how many contractors a customer has reached out to before getting an estimate, sometimes reaching out to 5-10 different companies and some are coming out to look at the work you need and say they will send an estimate but it never comes over and others just do not show up at all.

We recently had a customer who had reached out to 5 contractors before us for a deck to be finished that someone else was fired.  They had 2 out of the 5 show up to look at the deck and still never got an estimate.  We came out, looked at the deck and sent an estimate within 24 hours of coming out and the customer accepted our estimate shortly after sending.

Why do contractors do this?  It’s hard for me to say for sure as there is a number of reasons but the number one thing I hear is that your job is too small and they’re waiting for a larger job to get approved and start or they’re so busy they cannot do any marketing or estimating.  I do believe some are very unorganized but I do believe the number one reason is that a larger job came along and they’re going to work on that for the next couple months.  When I started A to Z Family Business it was to be different than the rest, it was to bring a level of customer service to an industry that was so desperate for a change.  We’re different and we’re unique and we believe that’s what makes us successful in this space.

A to Z Family Business ( is different than many other companies, we strive to be the IDEAL contractor for all your home improvement needs.  Our team of dedicated employees are different, they all come from a restaurant or retail background that lends more the customer service side of a business that has been ignored for far too long.



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