Hiding Mounted TV Wires
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While we love to come out and visit your home, this is something so easy that most can do it. The only tools you will need is,

– screwdriver

– utility knife

– pencil

– stud finder

– tape

This is the item to purchase

You wild find cheaper options however this is the easiest which requires very little skill to install. It’s about an hour of work depending how many wires you want to run through the wall.

Using the studfinder, find the studs near where you want to install this. You’re going to want to stay in between two studs. Mark using the diagram included for the size hole to cut. Trace with the pencil, using the utility knife cut the holes. This is the point where any wires you want to run other than electric this is the time. Tape the first wire you want to run at the top, let gravity do the work and drop it down inside the wall. Fish out the other end with you hand. Repeat as necessary. Put the top piece (outlet with wire hanging out) into the top hole, run the wires you just ran into the holes and allow the electric wire to drop down. Using your screwdriver tighten the screws tightening the unit into the drywall. The bottom unit install the wires from top into back of unit, read instructions. Secure when finished. Plug supplied cord in and you’re done. Mount your TV and now you have the wires hidden.



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