It’s Winter
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It’s winter time, before the first freeze do not forget to turn off your valves in the basement on your outdoor spickets.  These valves are typically found in your basement or crawl space area, they’re going to be very close often to where the outside spicket is located.  Make sure to familiarize yourself with where all valves are located for your home.   Also do not forget after turning off the water valve inside to open them outside all the way. This will avoid freezing pipes and high costs this spring when you go to use them.  You can also use some items off the shelf at any home improvement store to help with insulating these spickets as well.  Remember you have to do this every year, it can be $100’s of dollars to fix this if you forget.  Set a reminder on your calendar to ensure you’re on top of it.

Lastly, your hose if it still contains any water should be emptied out as well as sprayer on end, these can freeze as well and some are not meant with plastic parts to take on the expanding that comes from freezing water.


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