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This is normally the first question someone has, most contractors want to keep it secret or you need to jump through hoops to finally get a price, we do our best to help you plan.

With that said, let’s be honest that there is a lot of variables in construction and projects that you want to get done.  There are simple projects and more complicated projects and the variables that lead to a final price can vary from how large, age of home, finish level, etc.

Basics for our pricing and how we evaluate your project,

Dispatch Fee – we have a $95 dispatch fee that we charge per technician per day to travel to your home, we include in this fee the commercial vehicle the employee is driving, our office admin staff that schedules and dispatches as well insurances are the basic costs covered in this fee

Memberships – we do offer a monthly subscription service to help with our dispatch fee’s, this membership removes all dispatch fee’s from any work you have done throughout the year, if you use us more than once per year the membership pays for itself and was designed to allow you to use us more than once per year to save you money

Hourly Rate – our hourly rate is $105 per hour per technician to be in your home, this fee covers the cost of this employee and benefits this employee receives

Base Hour for us to come to your home is $200 for one hour of service with one technician, this is the lowest price for us to come out for work.  Sometimes people will reach out with a very small task that needs to be done, sometimes 15 minutes worth of work, in instances like this we ask you to think about other small things you want to get done while we would have someone out to get the most out of the cost for our technician to come out for an hour.

Estimating work is how we for most instances come up with our pricing, whether we do it virtually with asking for photos and based on years of experience can send an estimate that we will stand behind OR we come out in person and identify what you need done, take pictures and measurements as needed and ask you questions to better understand your project.  We then based on the above pricing figure out how long we think projects will take and the amount of employees needed to perform the work.


Some ranges to keep in mind for some of our more popular projects we do,

Front Door or Exterior Door Replacement – $1500 to $6000 or more depending on door chosen and other factors

Fixture Replacement (minimum of two preferred) – $200-$1500 depending on height of ceilings, fixture assembly, etc

Electric Vehicle Charger – $500-$2500 depending on how far the wire needs to be run from your electric panel

Electrical Service Upgrade – going from 100amps to 200amps service can range from $2500 to $4000 or more depending on variables

Drywall Repair – $200-$2000 or more depending on size and amount of visits needed, we do a three step process to paint ready which means three visits many times to your home which equates to a few dispatch fee’s and hourly rates

Recessed Lighting – $225-$2000 or more depending on how many lights, existing fixtures before, switch location, dimmer or standard switch, etc

Ceiling Fan Replacement – $200-$350 depending on height and fixture assembly

Exterior Trim Replacement – removing your old wood trim around doors and replacing with PVC trim – $450-$700 depending on size and finish

Toilet Replacement – $200-$450 depending on what’s needed, materials included or not, valve working properly, etc

Faucet Replacement – $200-$400 depending on what’s needed, materials included or not, valves working properly, etc

Finishing a Basement – there are a ton of variables and finish levels but on the lower end you can finish a basement for $25,000 in total costs up to $100,000 or more on the higher end with bathrooms added, custom cabinetry, etc

Custom Woodworking – there are a lot of variables with this as well but on the lower end it can be $1000 for something smaller like a single custom cabinet with top to $20,000 or more depending on the type of work you’re looking to have done

Wall Carpentry – things like wainscotting, board and batton, etc can range from $1100 to $5000 or more depending on size of space and overall finish level

Based on 107 reviews
Kelly Kibbat
Kelly Kibbat
Working with A to Z, from the 1st reach out to the completion of the job, was such a smooth and positive experience. They were recommended by a friend, so I had high hopes & with the way they responded to my initial contact within 24 hrs showed a great start. I’ve had contractors, plumbers, roofers, etc, never call me back or even send an estimate so when Maggie had Derek scheduled the following week to come out to my place to get a full estimate I was thrilled. Derek (the owner) was professional, kind, knowledgeable & thorough. We went over all projects & explain how he plans out pricing, timing & who comes out depending on the project. Even better than the visit, was the estimate bc I was able to price out & choose what projects to do now & what to do later. It was clear cut and the price didn’t change after the work was complete. Scheduling was a breeze with Maggie & on the day of the work, they sent me names & pics of who was coming out & what time. This was huge in making me feel safe with strangers coming to my house. Derek #2 did the handyman work and Gino & Dagyn did the electrical. I cannot say enough about how detailed they worked & how comfortable I felt with them. They checked in with me through projects to ensure I was happy & they tolerated my giant dog being all in their business. Two projects needed to be moved to the following day & it was scheduled before the 1st day even ended. I had an issue with my doorbell camera & Gino came back the following day to fix & ensure the work was thorough. I wholeheartedly recommend this company from start to finish. The pricing is incredibly fair & worth the guarantee, the team is top notch in customer service & skill and I’m 1000% happy with their work. They are my forever my handymen!
Carolyn Santore
Carolyn Santore
A to Z business were exceptional from start to finish. They were always in contact and updated me about the job. This is the only company that could drill a hole into my countertop for a reverse osmosis system. No one else would take on that liability (which I understand). An experienced carpenter showed up to do the job and he was very professional. I will be sure to use them in the future for other projects around the house. Very reasonably priced. Thank you all again!
Beth Desjardins
Beth Desjardins
We had some minor electrical work done recently. From beginning to end, the project went smoothly. The staff are friendly and very knowledgable. We also appreciated the transparent quotes/pricing. We would highly recommend-and are using their services again soon!
Jay Giannantonio
Jay Giannantonio
I’ve used A to Z before for an electric fireplace installation in my man cave and I was very pleased with the results. This time I had an electrical issue I had for 4 years. Electric switches were crossed up and lighting the wrong fixtures. Derek recommended Gino, his master electrician. Gino went to work up in my attic and the ceiling fixtures and found the issue. He rewired two fixtures and their related switches inside the wall and the attic and resolved my electrical outlets properly. I am very satisfied with the results and the clean up. Thank you Gino for sorting out my electrical outlet issue and thank you Derek for sending Gino. I’d recommend A to Z for your home projects.
Frances Mirabile
Frances Mirabile
I was introduced to A to Z Family Business 3 years ago.. since then, they have been my go to for any work I need on my house. Not only are they reasonably priced and do excellent work, every member of their business treats you with kindness and respect. I couldn’t be more pleased with them as people and a company. I would highly, highly recommend them for anything you need.
Bryan B
Bryan B
A to Z Family of Business has a smooth, streamlined process, from initial request and quickly receiving an estimate to scheduling an appointment. Everything was communicated well and they give you an ETA within the time range for the scheduled day. We requested for a kitchen faucet to be replaced and their quote was better than others. Derek and Anthony were super nice and polite. They did a great job and everything was cleaned up in the end. The kitchen faucet works great and I would highly recommend them!
Todd Gledhill
Todd Gledhill
I had previously used A to Z to have my back porch re-screened with a new door and they did a tremendous job. Due to the great experience I decided to use them again to do the same for my parents and again they hit it out of the park! Everything from start to finish was done in a professional, clear, and friendly manner. Derek and his crew were easy to talk to, listened to and answered our questions, and made everything seamless. Will definitely hire them for our next project!
Jeff Schautz
Jeff Schautz
I’ve used A to Z for 4 jobs now - drywall, build a storm door enclosure and install the door, and replace 2 old sliding glass doors with French doors. The quote they gave me each time was reasonable and exactly what I paid. They talked to me about what I wanted out of each job and left off pieces I would do myself to keep the price down. The finished product was exactly what I expected each time and done on time. What impressed me the most is when the storm door wasn’t up to my expectations, they came out 2 more times to strengthen it and did so with the utmost urgency and didn’t make me feel like I was being a pain. I will continue to use them whenever possible.

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