Door Problems
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Do you feel like your outside when near your door (but inside)?

You’re not alone, it’s incredibly common to hear about older doors feeling like they’re open at all times even though they’re closed

We hear this very often, it’s such a common problem especially when you have older homes with original doors.  There are a few low cost options you can do or you can hire a handyman to do to help but let’s be honest the best option is replacing your door however that’s not always financially possible.

There are a few different types of weatherstripping, foam and metal or vinyl.  If you go to your local hardware store (or big box) and ask for a few options you will see self adhesive options that require little skill to install can easily be something to make a difference.  

These options can run in the $15-$45 cost range and can make a huge difference, changing out a door to a new door can run you $1000+ with so many variables.  New doors are properly insulated inside the door itself as well as built into the frame with weatherstripping to ensure a tight fit. 

I hope this helps a bit, it’s one of our first posts ever.


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