It was March 2020, we all remember when that was

During March of 2020, the world was changing with Covid-19 and Pennsylvania had just gotten the word to quarantine. I, Derek Anasiewicz, Founder and CEO, lost my job as a restaurant executive. Rather than surrender to the circumstances, I decided to create a company doing something that I truly love – hiring and retaining the best people I can find.  While I never had worked professionally in the construction industry I realized quickly that leadership is the same no matter which industry you work in.  We’re a team of incredibly talented people striving to be the IDEAL choice in home improvement.  It’s tough at times, however when you’re doing something you sincerely enjoy, the results outweigh the obstacles.

How we became the Best Local Handyman

Our family business started as a handyman company, however, I never called it a “handyman” company because of my two daughters. I always tell my girls that they can do anything a man can do, so I decided to name the business “handypeople” to be inclusive of everyone. We are proud to have both men and women working for us.

We quickly realized that this business was more than just a company limited to handy work. The amazing people we have onboarded allowed us to expand our services. In January of 2021, A to Z Family of Businesses officially launched adding Electrical and Plumbing to our list of services.

Since March 2020, we have completed over 10,000 jobs and we now have an entire team of managers, administrators, and service technicians working daily.

What’s Next? Glad you asked.  Our goal is to become the one stop shop for all your home improvement needs.  When you have something you need fixed in your home we can become the 1 company to contact to take care of it all!

Our Incredible Team

Our team is everything in our company, we truly have an incredible team that you will get a chance to meet or talk to at various points throughout your project.  We believe we’re a “people” business that does construction work.  

Daniel Anderson

Dan Anderson

Dan is our most tenured employee in the company, coming from a past restaurant background being very handy in his own homes.  Dan quickly became our “go to” for almost anything.  Dan is incredibly talented and no doubt will make a lasting impression on you

Derek Parker

Derek Parker (DP) is a lead technician with us, Derek started with very little experience in the construction industry and came from a restaurant background but quickly picked things up and now is one of our best.  Derek will win you over with us incredibly easy going personality

Maggie Marsillio

Maggie does all our scheduling and communicating with customers, if you have worked with us before you know Maggie very well.  Maggie can create a relationship with someone so quickly and effortlessly it’s incredible to see.  Maggie is integral with creating the “WOW” factor you expect with A to Z Family Business

Gino Strianese

Gino is our in house electrician, Gino came to us with restaurant experience serving at restaurants in Vegas but also has over 20 years professionally working as an licensed electrician.  Gino will make a lasting impression, very professional and incredibly personable.  Truly an asset to A to Z Family Business

Jay Walker

Jay is our in house “jack of all trades”, while he is very comfortable with plumbing and does a lot of our plumbing work he also is amazing at custom woodworking and other woodworking work that we get in.  Jay is increidbly detailed and will ensure you’re happy with the work he does in your home.  You will remember Jay as he creates a lasting impression.

David Jones

David is one of the newest members of our team but quickly making an impact on our team.  David comes from restaurants as well with about 3 years professionally working in construction.  David is incredibly talented and such an incredible asset to our team.  We’re lucky to have David and excited as he comes into your home as he will make a lasting impression

JB Mason

JB is our Social Media Guru, JB is new to our team and a recent graduate of Temple.  JB does all our video work and social media and has been an incredible asset to our team already

Our I.D.E.A.L Core Values



We have a moral compass that guides us as a team. The quality of work we do speaks for itself. We have extremely high standards in the way we treat people inside and outside of the company.



Both our team and our customers can depend on us. We take punctuality and communication very seriously. It’s something that helps us stand out from the competition.



We take pride in our ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We take the time to understand your needs and problems and will do our best to solve them.



We adapt when our company faces changes and challenges and when jobs have unforeseen complications. We’re flexible and innovative as life can be unpredictable.



We bring life to a room and make a lasting impression on our customers. We want to constantly get to know each other better, both our team and our customers. We’re all about positive energy.

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